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So what’s new?

This template uses exclusively for current and forecast weather. NOAA is out. This means many more locations to choose from and no more long (annoying) location names.

Specifically, wunderground adds:

-Local Personal Weather Stations
-Airport locations
-Weather Alerts
- Restores Day & Night time icons

What’s changed under the hood?

An external script is still in use for all the data retrieval and parsing functions, BUT all functions relating to presentation (that’s the stuff you’d want to modify) are back in the main object’s script, making it less of a pain for everyone to access.

How do I start using it?

Same as before only less complicated: decide what objects to keep, delete everything else except for the main background (“wu_script”) object. Change graphics and layout as desired.

To change the weather icons, replace all the .PNG files included in “wu_script” Properties > Summary > Custom Files with images of your own using the exact file names you see there.

Adding Information

Here I’ll briefly show how to add and duplicate information.

Supposing you want another location name display separate from the main window.

  1. Clone the location name object (don’t clone entire group.)
  2. Open the “wu_script” script
  3. Add 2 new lines of code

In the "wu_script" object's script, look for the  CURRENT WEATHER  section under DISPLAY WEATHER. Below that you’ll see a General Current Weather section and a Personal Weather Station Current Weather section. Duplicate the Location text code and change the object name in both sections. See below:


Adding a second location


You can also use any of the extra information not already on display. You’ll see a list of these variables at the top of the script. For instance, ‘localTime’.

  1. Create a new text object, “wu_timestamp”
  2. Open the “wu_script” script
  3. Add 2 new lines of code

Again, under both General Current Weather and Personal Weather Station Current Weather add the following line of code:

DesktopX.Object(“wu_timestamp”).text = localTime

Adding local time

For more ideas on how to modify the template check out this stripped down widget version of the wunderground weather template.

Backwards Compatibility

In one step, you can upgrade your old Summer Weather 2 weather widgets to run exclusively on wunderground.

  • Go to the main DesktopX folder (Programs > Stardock > DesktopX), delete the existing NOAAWUexternalscript.txt file, and replace with the NOAAWUexternalscript.txt file included in the zip. Restart widgets.

In addition, if you’re an author upgrading a widget for reupload:

  • Delete all files in “Weather_Back” Properties > Summary > Custom Files, and add the “NOAAWUexternalscript.txt” file in the zip (when prompted, click Yes to replace.)
  • Update info image to reflect weather provider exclusivity


This upgrade does not support:

  • Extra objects included in the Summer Weather 2 template (duplicate objects, etc.) not found in the Wunderground Weather template.
  • Extra features provided by Wunderground that are not included in Summer Weather 2 template (radar, webcams, nighttime icons, etc.)

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on May 19, 2010

Thank you for another wonderful piece of work.

on May 19, 2010

Eve.....I love ya! lol....(Hope my wife don't read that!)   You rock! This is by far the awsomest weather app ever! Looking forward to skinning it!

Thanks for all you do to further DesktopX! It really needs you. K and stars to you!  

on May 27, 2010

Thanks, guys.


on May 27, 2010

on May 27, 2010