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Published on May 28, 2006 By sViz In Object Desktop
This is my 2nd widget. Based on the look, what do you think? Thanks!


on May 28, 2006
I like the way it looks. Kinda hard to rate without using it though.
on May 28, 2006
Thanks, TheGuyPc! This widget is very personalized to my computer. Certain programs may not be available to other users. I'll try to modify it to make it more neutral so that anyone can use it.

When you mouse over the orbs it basically pops up and reveals shortcuts to various programs and folders. As you can see they are grouped by network, video, music, and shared places.

I'll try to link more pics so you can get the gist of this widget.
on May 28, 2006
Here are more pictures.

Colors= Link

Widget size= Link

How about those reviews?
on May 28, 2006
Yeah, I like it. It's different.

I really like the glassy/chrome looking button effect you used. The colors you use add nicely to it overall.

The only thing I noticed was the lighting effect you used kinda makes it look like the icons are cut off. (At least in the ScreenShot). Still, they look super.

I read a thread of yours earlier about it being really specific to your computer. It would be nice to make a version for this site. I'm sure people would download it, and it would be a far better way of getting it seen and rated properly.

What program did you use....if you don't mind me asking?
on May 28, 2006
Thanks. I'll try to modify it and upload it.

I used DesktopX 3.0 Professional and Photoshop 7 for all the artwork.