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Published on May 6, 2006 By sViz In Object Desktop

I keep getting a script error saying that the object does not support Desktop.Objects.Hue  Is this not how you access the properties of all other objects? Is there another way to access all other objects at once or am I missing something?

Thank You

on May 07, 2006
DesktopX.Objects is a 'collection'. Which means it 'contains' all the objects currently loaded, indexed by number (1,2,3,4 etc), sort of like an array, but not.

If you want to use it to apply something to every object at once, you have to cycle through each of them in the collection and apply that setting. You can do this with a loop.

For Each elem In DesktopX.Objects
elem.Hue = xxx

The Developers guide reference is here:

on Jun 07, 2006
Thank you, Skarnivorous!