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I am using DesktopX 3.0. How do I make a shortcut that when completed into a widget, can be configured by the user.

I made a shortcut object in DX builder mode then I exported the object as widget. The target is set to my own specific file/folder/program but if someone else loads the widget in their station the shortcut is useless because they cannot access my files or they do not have that program. What I want to do is make the shortcut configurable by the user so that the user can set the target to whatever they want. As it is, the only way to do this is to leave the object in builder mode. I would like to be able to do this in client mode. How do I accomplish this or is this not possible? If there is a widget/gadget out there that does this please point me in the right direction.

Thank you.

on Apr 18, 2006
try exporting as an object not a widget
on Apr 18, 2006

Thanks for the reply Bichur.

But that would require the user to have, know how to use, and run DesktopX. Perhaps, I shouldn't have said client mode. I meant I would like to make it into a stand alone gadget. I would like to make it gadget so that the user can run it like a regular program.
Can anyone help me out?

on Apr 18, 2006
gadget requires pro version to create -

a created gadget does not need dtx installed on the computer to run

a widget requires dtx to be installed, but not running

am object requires dtx to be installed and running

unless you have the pro version or above, you're stuck with objects and widgets and for somebody else to use them, dtx has to be on their computer
on Apr 19, 2006

I sorry, maybe I'm miscomunicating. I have DX 3.0 Pro and I have made 1 nifty gadget before the one I am attempting now.

As I understand DX so far, you must set the target in builder mode. After you have created the gadget the target is permanent; there is no way for the user to change it.

What I want to know is:

Is there any way, through scripting, to have a gadget that allows the user to change the shortcut's target. I hope that is understandable.

on Apr 19, 2006
It may or not be critical, but is the target going to be a URL or a file/directory somewhere? Local or network?

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on Apr 19, 2006

The idea is for the user to decide what the target will be so I guess it could be a url/file/folder or program. To start with though, I'd have the shortcuts set up to some of the targets provided in DX like My Documents, favorites, or Internet, and maybe I'll include a URL like General stuff.  If the user doesn't like the targets provided they can change it. That's the idea anyways.

on Apr 20, 2006
You should contact Vad_M Link he should be able to help you.

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