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Published on September 16, 2007 By sViz In DesktopX Tutorials

If you haven’t heard yet there is a new WinCustomize Wiki site!

I’m putting all new tutorials there, but since the site is new it’s still a little hard to find (even with internet searches). So, I’ve decided to create an index of links to the site and my tutorials.

WinCustomize Wiki Link

WinCustomize Wiki TutorialsLink (There are some valuable tuts there for various programs.)

DesktopX Builder Mode for Beginners

Part 1Link

This tutorial shows you how to make a simple shortcut in DesktopX. You’ll create an object, apply an image and some finishing touches. It’s primarily designed as an introduction to help you get started in DesktopX Builder Mode.

Part 2Link

This tutorial shows you how to add a plug-in to your object and configure it. It includes some basic plug-ins such as time, date, and email.

Part 3Link

This tutorial shows you how to add animations to your object using states effects and images.

Part 4Link

This tutorial will show you how to modify a preexisting widget; from simple tweaks to a complete reconstruction.

Modifying a Theme: Downsize Resolution- Link

This tutorial will show you how to downsize a large resolution theme to fit on a smaller screen resolution.

Behind the Theme - Link

A five-part series exploring how to make some basic parts of a theme, including taskbar, system controls, recycle bin, and more.

DesktopX Scripting


The 4 Basics of VbscriptLink

This tutorial is an introduction to 4 basic functions in vbscript which are most often used in DesktopX scripting. It’s primarily designed to give you a basic understanding for DXscripting.

Scripting VisibilityLink

This tutorial shows you how to control visibility and opacity through scripting. Includes a fading effect script.

Scripting MotionLink

This tutorial shows you how to set an object’s position through scripting, and move an object constantly for the effect of motion.

Scripting ColorsLink

This tutorial shows you how to change/set an object’s color or hue through scripting; both image hue and text color.

Scripting Time DisplaysLink

This tutorial shows you how to create and keep track of time displays including time of day, date, a countdown timer, and a stopwatch (or elapsed time).

Scripting a Complete Widget 1 Link

This tutorial combines everything learned from the 5 previous scripting tutorials. It uses visibility, motion, color, and time display to create a widget that is a game. This tutorial also gives tips on how to go about your own DesktopX projects from rough idea to finalized widget.

Scripting Arrays, Constants, Functions - Link

This tutorial explains the use of arrays, constants, and returning and passing values with functions.

Scripting Groups - Link

This tutorial explains how to control a group of objects and an ungrouped collection of objects through scripting.

Scripting Images - Link

This tutorial explains how to apply images to objects through scripting. It also shows how to create a thumbnail of an image.

Scripting Parent Child Relations - Link

This tutorial explains the use of parent child relations. Links to how to create/use a mask, and it shows how to use one script in the parent object to detect user interaction with the child objects.

Scripting Scrolling Text - Link

This is a reposting of one of my older tutorials which shows, step by step, how to create scrolling text.

Creating a Slideshow Widget - Link

Building on the previous tutorials, this tutorial will show you how to make a simple slideshow widget from start to finish. The slideshow can play, pause, go forward and back, and load images on click or drag and drop.

Check back as more tutorials are added.

Be sure to check out:

Romanda's Step by Step tutorials - Link (An excellent series of DesktopX tutorials)

My older tutorials - Link

My Wincustomize Site - Link

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on Sep 16, 2007
Thanks sViz
on Sep 16, 2007
Awesome Job sViz thanks
on Sep 16, 2007
Very nice work.

Just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you're putting into the DesktopX section of the wiki.
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on Sep 16, 2007

on Sep 17, 2007
Thanks everybody! I hope this stuff helps.
on Sep 17, 2007
Looks good.. shame i know zip about the wiki.
on Jun 10, 2008
Very helpful
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Thanx for praising Noxas Dock. I need your help See this and then u ill understand my problem See this My problems: Search for a place gives me results but if i enter INXX0001 like this it shows error. You have been recommended Pls tell me how to accept place as well as xoap city code both. Also tell me abt conversion from fahreinheit to celsius. If u applied formula or it is there from weather feed itself. Waiting for your reply.... I want to use only xoap weather and not weather underground as it's database is not complete.
on Feb 12, 2010

That conversion between fahrenheit and celsius is supplied by the feed itself. I entered your code and got Ahmedabad, error. Can you post a screenshot of the error or what it says?

on Oct 06, 2010

New five-part tutorial up: Behind the Theme

on Oct 06, 2010

on Oct 07, 2010

flagging for reference

is this for xp/vista only and I guess that you have to have desktopx installed at what cost?

on Oct 07, 2010

  thank you  

on Oct 07, 2010

I just got back from cruising the WC Wiki. The site is amazing. Everything you always wanted to know about Wincustomize but were to lazy too ask. Lol. I'll be going there quite a bit in the future. Yum!